Benefits of Life Coaching


 ✓ Listens patiently to all that you want to talk about & share.
 ✓ Discusses & works with you to find solutions in areas you want to improve or grow.
 ✓ Equips you with tools to understand your true self, recognise your inner potential, values & strengths.
 ✓ Guides you step by step towards your dreams & goals.
 ✓ Supports you in staying on your path.
 ✓ Helps you stay motivated,
✓ Empathises with you in your stressful situations.
✓ Celebrates with you in your wins.  

Following are few of the ways in which the life coach equips teenagers :


☞ Guides them to know - "Who they are”, by increasing their Self-awareness.
☞ Helps to create an opinion of themselves   based on their Inner Qualities, Strengths,   Beliefs, Values, Talents & Interests.
☞ The teens knows their positive qualities through the eyes of their family, friends & peers.
☞ Write a Powerful Personal statement "I am.." to inspire themselves to focus on becoming who they truly want to be.

#2. Friendships

☞ Identify the different types of friends - best friends, good friends, new friends, frenemies etc. 
☞ Equip with skill-sets to share their feelings in a clear & peaceful way to their friends. 
☞ Deal with difficult situations with mean friends & bullies. 
☞ Listen empathetically & supportively in a situation that really hurt them. 
☞ Make them feel safe & ok when they vent out their frustrations & hurt feelings.   

#3. Self-esteem

☞ Actively listen to the teen's areas of stress of their body image.
☞ Allow them to vent out their feelings & frustrations to release their stress.
☞ Encourage them to become aware of what they really like about their body.
☞ Coach them with practical ways to improve their cellular health.
☞ Equip them to write "Positive Affirmations" about themselves.
☞ Raise self esteem by identifying their "Core Values".
☞ Coach them to be "Grateful" & "Believe they are Unique." 

#4. parents & family

Help parent & teen realise their relationship is a 2-way communication. 
☞ Understanding each other's perspective. 
☞ Coach teen to be able to talk to their parent(s) about their frustrations in a clear and peaceful way in order to be true to themselves. 
☞ Equip teens with skills to deal with, handle or overcome difficult situations with their parent(s). 
☞ Actively listen, acknowledge & encourage teen to find creative solutions.
☞ Empower parent(s) & teens to become each other's pillars of strength.


☞ Identify the key areas of stress in school & academics.
☞ Coach them how to handle & reduce stress with daily small steps.
☞ Give a system to organise & complete school work.  
☞ Teach effective time management to plan studies & play hours in a day.
☞ Help them to get into a "Goal Getting" mindset.
☞ Support them by monitoring results & progress on a weekly basis.
☞ Celebrate with them their WIN's of the year.
☞ Let them reflect their "AWESOMENESS." 


Empower teens to 1st love themselves & be grateful for their life. 
☞ Generate conversations & answer their questions about sex, dating, sexual identity & to determine their level of interest in Male/ Female relationships. 
☞ Help them understand that its normal to have these feelings during adolescence. 
☞ Have a fun exercise with imagining the qualities of their Ideal partner. 
☞ Give a tool to help them vent out their feelings of break-ups or past situations. 
☞ Educate them about the pros & cons of online dating. 
☞ Listen attentively to them about any sexual harassments or violence & support them. 
 ☞ Make them feel safe & cared for, when they share their feelings.


☞ Encourage teens to play outdoor games with friends, go for walks without their mobile phones or gadgets....
☞ Guide teen to identify effects of addiction of social media on their physical & psychological health.
☞ Brain storm ideas with teen & find creative solutions for reducing their screen time on all gadgets.
☞ Educate about the dangers of texting & driving or walking - to them & to other people on the road.
☞ If teen feels that social media is over stressing them, then help them with the process of Social media "DETOX" .
☞ Empower teens to let technology supplement their activities & not be their sole entertainment.  


Guide the teen to look at how their life looks NOW in various areas. 
☞ Equip with tools to improve the various areas making it better & better. 
☞ Encourage to Dream BIG. 
Imagine & visualise their ideal future. 
☞ Help the teen get excited about what's possible in their future. 
☞ Brain storm ideas & create a dream book & vision board. 
☞ As a life coach - Believe 100% in their Dreams & support them.


☞ Help them assess their knowledge of the effects of drugs & alcohol.
☞ Enquire deeper reasons why they want to or got addicted to drugs or alcohol.
☞ Communicate to them the risks involved in drunken driving.
☞ Equip them with the necessary tools to identify dangerous situations.
☞ Encourage them to be themselves & take smart & mature decisions that make them feel proud of themselves.
☞ Let them know, "they can come & share in any problem & they will be heard."  
☞ "Support" them & "Direct" them to therapist or rehab centre, if they require de-addiction.   


Help them understand how their values impact their decision making. 
☞ Guide about various thoughts, feelings they may experience before they make a specific choice / decision. 
☞ Empathise with teen positively for a good/ bad decision the teen has faced with in their past or present. 
☞ Identify the "Pros" & "Cons" for the choices & decisions they make.  
☞ Equip teen to plan strategies, ideas, and potential methods when working towards a goal (esp. one that stresses them out!). 
☞ Believe in them 100% & support with insights in the decisions they make.

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