Magically transform with 32 weeks of personalised 1-on-1 coaching sessions


    •  Q. Who is this program for?
    •  1. Tweens (age 10 - 12)
    •  2. Teenagers / Adolescents (age 13 - 19) 
    •  2. Young adults (age 20 - 23)

    • Q. Who can register for this program for the tweens, teenagers & young adults?   
    •  1. Teenagers / Adolescents above 18 years of age 
    •  2. Young adults between 20 - 23 years of age
    •  3. Parents of tweens(age 10 - 12), teenagers(age 13 - 19) and young adults(age 20 - 23)      
    •  4. Grandparents of tweens, teenagers and young adults  
    •  5. Guardians of tweens, teenagers and young adults
    •  6. Teachers & coaches working with tweens, teenagers and young adults.

    • Q. Duration of program?
    • The program is for 32 weeks of which 
    • - the 28 weeks personalised 1-on-1 sessions with the tween or teenager or young adult and 
    • - on the 8th, 16th, 24th and 32nd week coaching & review sessions with parent(s). 
    • Each session is conducted online or in person once a week for 60 mins.

    • Q. What you shall get?
    • The program provides - 
    • ☞ a safe space for teens to discuss their problems & frustrations, 
    • ☞ a personal coach to support and guide in all areas of their life,
    • accountability and hand holding in entire coaching program,  
    • ☞ every session customised as per the teen's coaching needs, 
    • fun activities in sessions. 
    • 100%  confidentiality of things discussed in every session. 

In 32 weeks, transform yourself by-

    1. Doubling your SELF-ESTEEM & learning Self compassion
    2. Increasing ACADEMIC interest & enhancing your performance by more than 50%
    3. Improving your RELATIONSHIPS by 90% & building stronger bonds with your parents, family& all others
    4. Knowing true & fake friends & creating long lasting FRIENDSHIPS
    5. Designing your FUTURE & CAREER based on your passion, interests & dreams.
    6. Learning communication & DECISION MAKING skills understanding your values & emotional needs.

BONUS for Parents & Teenagers:

 For Parents : 
  ✓ Access to My "Personal" Number  
   "Parent(s) intake" session of 60-90 mins (worth Rs. 4,500/-) is given FREE.          
TWO (2)  life coaching sessions (worth Rs. 4,000/- each) of 60 minutes for one parent is given FREE. 
   ** This offer has to be availed within 6 months.  

 For Teenagers :   
 ✓ Access to My "Personal" Number.    
 ✓ Customised health and wellness guidance    
 ✓ Special Law of Attraction coaching        
 ✓ Special discount on future life coaching sessions.  
 ✓ Post completion of coaching program, FOUR (4) FREE personal coaching sessions (worth Rs. 3,000/- each). 

  ** This offer has to be availed within 6 months.

About your Life Coach

          DR. SMITA DIPANKAR C.                          
M.B.B.S; D.A (Anaesthesia)
India 1st Certified Teen Life Coach  
Author of book "Simplifying Teenage"    

Host of "The Simplifying Teenage Podcast"

Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Intensivist   

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Advisor  


In 15 weeks, I was able to let go of so many things & learn a lot.
I feel so strong & now I am able to stand up for myself. It gave me a lot of confidence, as I realised how much  I had grown personally on a mental & emotional level.

It helped me to Improve my grades & to deal with all kinds of situations happily.

I shall definitely tell you that one won’t get rid of all the negativity in your life, but with these life coaching sessions, I was able to deal with them in a positive way & learn the key to living my life.

I'm so grateful to you for being there for me whenever I needed you & so glad I got you as a life coach.
Thank you for everything you did for me."
 Dear Smita Ma'am,

To be honest, I am so grateful & blessed to have such an amazing life coach, who  guided me to the straight path.

Thank you for believing in me & always encouraging me so that I be the best me.

Ma'am, I can't thank you enough for the guidance you have given me & brought me back on track.

Thank you for everything.

May God bless you & keep you smiling always! 
Dear Smita Aunty,

Thank you for changing my life.

You helped me to find me passions of cooking & football & pursue them, rather than blindly giving IIT-JEE exams, even when I didnt like it much.

I am happy that now I am persuing my passion of cooking in my career as a chef.

I get up early & go for football training.

Rest of the day, I enjoy studyiong, college & spending time with my family & friends

Thank you for guiding me to create that balance between study & play.
Dr. Smita,
We are extremely grateful to you for helping us dealing with our teenage child.

You have not only been good guide/ counsellor for our child but a good friend who shows the right path in the journey called life.

You have even helped us, during parent’s sessions, to navigate between teenage child’s demands/ tantrums and our expectations from the child.
We liked your goal based counselling, record keeping of all the events happening to track the growth of the child and most importantly you candid approach while dealing with any problem.
In fact we are so happy with your personalized sessions that we are pleased to repeat the same for another 15 weeks.
Thanks a lot for being with us during difficult times.
Praveen  & Amita
Dear Dr. Smita,

I am pleased to meet you at the right time. I was looking for someone to counsel my daughter, when she was going through a patch, when she was confused on how to go ahead with her study plan& goal in life.

We, her parents are very happy, the way you made her realise her strengths & weakness.

Your guidance during her exam time made her come back to where she stood. Today she is confident & studying back hard to reach her goal.

We would like to have your support & guidance for her till she wants & I am sure you too will her... Thank you.
Dear Smita,
She has got good guidance & motivation on how to achieve the required goals.

By overcomimg the negativities inside her & by building confidence, it shows growth in her level of self-esteem

She is showing improvement in areas where she actually required it, especially self growth, body image, health & many aspects of her character & attitude.

I am really thankful to you for the exceptional mentoring you have given to her.

She really enjoyed your sessiomns & has given excelent feedback about it.

I feel really happy & indebted to you for life for bringing back her smile.

Thank you very much. 



Magically transform with personal coaching

96000 INR

  • Personalised 1-on-1 Coaching

    32 Weeks program

    Conducted once a week

    Duration - 60 minutes

**For Instalment option available for this program. Contact via email at or What's app on +91 9372008696

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