Simplifying Teenage

Celebrate your magical journey through teenage!

A easy and powerful practical guide to simplify the teenage journey exclusively for teenagers and everyone who knows one.


Dr. Smita Dipankar

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The reasons you should buy this book

 What is the book About? 

Teenage is one of the most difficult phase for the teenager and their parents. During this journey of growing from a child to an adult, both parents and teenagers go through a lot of frustrations, challenges and confusion on how to handle them.

This book is a guide, an aid, a rescue for every parent and teenager. This book focusses on every process related to teenage, answers questions on why the developmental process in a teenager is different and how it affects their behaviour and habits. 

 Who is the book for? 

This book is for -
1. All boys and girls, age between 13 and 22 years
2. Every parent and grandparents with teenagers at home
3. Every teacher and coach who works with teenagers
4. Every parent of tweens (pre-teens) between the ages of 9-12 years
5. Every person who has enjoyed and cherished their teenage years wishes the same for every teenager. 

 What does the book deal with? 

It deals with:
✓The top challenges faced by teenagers and their families which are described in detail here with
✓Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of each challenge.
✓ You getting ready for a paradigm shift  to understand the root cause of all the problems and
✓ Know how a simple change in perspective can instantly transform the teenager’s and their family’s life, from dull, stressed to happy and exciting.  

 What you will read and learn from the book ? 

This book provides you with :
☞ Simple techniques, practical tips and  solutions for day-to-day situations for Self-identity, academic stress, low self-esteem, relationship issues with parents, decision making about future etc…
☞  Stories of teenagers and parents who successfully applied  them and achieved amazing results.  
☞ Knowledge of some problems that cannot be handled by parents and teens themselves, may end up into conflicts and if not identified and prevented, may later lead to mental health diseases in teenagers.
☞ How an experienced person called life coach can support and guide in handling and even preventing them, before they reach extreme situations.
☞ Details about what is life coaching and its benefits to teens and parents, who is a teen life coach and why a life coach is important especially for teenagers.
☞ Explore the life coaching programs and know how such personalised programs have changed lives of many parents and teenagers.
☞  The secret family rituals to create the strongest parent-teen bond forever. 

Awards and Interviews

About the Author

Dr. Smita Dipankar 

M.B.B.S, D.A (Anaesthesia)

Dr. Smita is a consultant anesthesiologist with an experience of more than 19 years working in the profession. Along with anaesthesiology, she is a very passionate health and wellness consultant and works with families guiding them to achieve optimal health. She found her passion as a life coach for teenagers and is India’s first certified life coach for teen girls.
She is a fun-loving person with an aura of an angel. Anybody who comes in contact with her immediately gets comfortable with her. She has a knack for being a teenager's best friend. She is a package of happiness along with hard work and dedication when needed. If you ever need anyone to talk to or share your problems with, then she is the one who'll always be there! Dr. Smita’s belief in teenagers and her love for them makes her the best teen life coach. Her passion and vision to make a difference in every teenager's life are reflected in her work. She also provides exclusive coaching programs and workshops that contribute to this passion. You can find more about her and her programs at

From the author's heart

Why I wrote this book?

"Being a parent to a teenager myself, I have gone through challenges, adopted solutions which has made my teenage journey with my child simple and exciting. I want these same techniques to be learnt by every single parent and teenager out there. I know that every parent and teenager goes through challenges and problems almost every day. This book will help parent and teenager to understand each other and equip them to identify, handle or prevent these challenges. Thus, empowering both parents, teenagers and their family’s to cherish and celebrate their journey called teenage." So, this book is in alignment to: 

"To simplify teenage for every teenager and their family for years to come"