•  Q. Who is this program for?
    •  1. Tweens (age 10 - 12)
    •  2. Teenagers / Adolescents (age 13 - 19) 
    •  2. Young adults (age 20 - 23)

    • Q. Who can register for this program for the tweens, teenagers & young adults?   
    •  1. Teenagers / Adolescents above 18 years of age 
    •  2. Young adults 20 - 23 years of age
    •  3. Parents of tweens(age 10 - 12), teenagers(age 13 - 19) and young adults(age 20 - 23)      
    •  4. Grandparents of tweens, teenagers and young adults  
    •  5. Guardians of tweens, teenagers and young adults
    •  6. Teachers & coaches working with tweens, teenagers and young adults.

    • Q. Duration of program?
    • The program is for 8 weeks of which 
    • - the first 7 weeks personalised 1-on-1 sessions with the tween or teenager or young adult and 
    • - on the 8th week coaching & review session with parent(s). 
    • Each session is conducted online or in person once a week for 60 mins.

    • Q. What you shall get?
    • The program provides - 
    • ☞ a safe space for teens to discuss their problems & frustrations, 
    • ☞ a personal coach to support and guide in all areas of their life,
    • accountability and hand holding in entire coaching program,  
    • ☞ every session customised as per the teen's coaching needs, 
    • fun activities in sessions. 
    • 100%  confidentiality of things discussed in every session. 

  In 8 weeks, you begin designing your life by -

1. Identifying your stress levels in your challenge areas and learning fun techniques to HANDLE STRESS instantly !

2. Knowing your personality STRENGTHS thus increasing your success levels !

 3. Understanding love languages & COMMUNICATE easily with your parents, friends and others! 

4. Create a new SELF-IDENTITY with personalised affirmations !

 5. Learn visualisation techniques to MANIFEST your dream life!

BONUS for Parents & Teenagers:

 For Parents :  
   ✓ "Parent intake" session of 60-90 mins (worth Rs. 4,500/-) is given FREE.  
   ✓ Access to My "Personal" Number  
  ✓ 50% discount on ONE (1) life coaching session of 60 minutes for one parent is given FREE.
    ** This offer has to be availed within 6 months.
 For Teenagers :  
  ✓ Access to My "Personal" Number.
  ✓ Special Law of Attraction coaching  
  ✓ Special discount on future life coaching sessions.
  ✓ Post completion of coaching program, One (1) FREE personal coaching session (worth Rs. 3,000/-).
  ** This offer has to be availed within 6 months.

About your life coach

                                                              M.B.B.S; D.A (Anaesthesia)

India 1st Certified Teen Life Coach

 Author of book "Simplifying Teenage"  

Host of "The Simplifying Teenage Podcast"

 Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Intensivist  

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Advisor  


"Just to have fun and to find myself", that's why I joined the  program.

In it,
  • 1. I got to know what my strengths are.
  • 2. How to improve myself as a person.
  • 3. I learnt how to love myself.
  • 4. To accept myself for who I am without putting too many expectations on myself.
These sessions are exactly what I wanted it to be.

It's a very chill experience !!

Teenager - age 17 years

I wanted to learn - "what is important and necessary to be a teenager" and "how should I improve myself and overcome my problems."

Honestly, I developed so much in these past weeks by learning
  • 1. About myself & my personality.
  • 2. In what way & how I develop it.
  • 3. My fear & nervousness were completely wiped out.
  • Now, I can do anything without fear and with full confidence.
During the sessions my problems were kept aside & I was living without worries, I enjoyed."

Teenager - age 16 years

I joined to program - "For knowing myself better and to love & understand my family."

After completing now,
  • 1. I know myself better,
  • 2. I am loving my family more & more.
  • 3. I made new friends.
4. I found a safe environment in the sessions where no one judged me.
On a scale of 0 to 10, I have developed personally upto 8.

I am very happy with myself now !!

Teenager - age 14 years



Magical beginnings with personal coaching 

24,000 INR

Personalised 1-on-1 Coaching

8 Weeks program

Conducted once a week

Duration - 60 minutes

**For Instalment option available for this program. Contact via email at or What's app on +91 9372008696

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