M.B.B.S; D.A (Anaesthesia)

Mother of a Teenager

India's 1st TeenWisdom.inc Certified Teen Life Coach.

Author of book "Simplifying Teenage"

Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Intensivist.

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Advisor.

My Professional Journey

I started my career as a Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Intensivist, after completing my post graduate degree in Anaesthesiology  from Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital & LTMG, Sion Hospital.

Now, I have gained over 18+ years of experience working in the field of Anaesthesia in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.
During this journey, I got introduced to the concept of Wellness & Skin Fitness by my Professor in Medical college.
When my family & I benefitted with the Wellness Program, I felt deep in my heart that I too should be equipped to help families to benefit with the same program as we did. So, later I took training in the field of wellness & became a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Advisor.
After personally benefitting with the skin fitness program, I trained & equipped myself to become a Certified Skin Fitness Consultant.
For more than a decade now, with the constant guidance of my mentors, my husband & I, along with our team, have & are still helping & guiding  families to improve their health & move towards achieving Wellness & Optimal health.


Along with all the above credentials as a professional, I am also a "TEENAGER's MOM". 

As a mom, I too have faced the issues, most parents with teenagers face. Along with my busy professional practice, I did my best to understand my teen & help simplify the journey of adolescence.
During  that process, I found that, in today’s world, most or almost all teenagers or adolescents from age 13 to age 19 years, face many ups & downs in their life due to Peer pressure, Academic stress, Competition, Low self esteem & many many more......
This actually inspired & motivated me to read a lot of Teen related books, research and find ways to understand my teen better & help & guide not only my Teen but also many other teens whom I knew in & around my neighbourhood.
Soon I became a GO TO MOM for many teenagers as they felt comfortable talking to me & sharing their feelings & issues with me. 

It’s then that I realised  there are many many teens & young adults out there who are going through these situations & even parents are not able to understand how to help them out.
It reminded me of my years as a teenager. Even though being a high achiever in school & college, with many friends, I remembered that I always wished deep down, that if I could have someone like a Life coach or a Mentor whom I could talk to & who could help me navigate through my teenage issues, lot many things could have changed in my personality & my life.
Yes, those things eventually did  change  in my life but in the  later years as an adult when I got introduced to my mentors through the Wellness program. They have & are impacting my live positively till date.


The more I researched about teens issues & their solutions, the more I felt that I wanted to help them Simplify Teenage.  

It struck  both  my heart & mind, this is exactly what I wanted to do -
"Empower Teens & Young Adults".
This is my Heart’s calling.
 I wanted to help, guide & equip Teenagers to navigate life’s uncertainties, discover their true passions & talents, develop a deeper understanding of who they are now, and who they want to become.
"Where there is a will, there is a way!”- Anonymous.
As a DIVINE APPOINTMENT, my heart's calling lead me to www.teenwisdom.com
One way lead to another & with the constant support & guidance of my Coach Tami Walsh & “TeenWisdom.inc”  team, I trained to become a Certified Teen Life coach for girls.
While I was working towards empowering Teen girls, I was approached by mom's of teen boys. I realised  teen boys also go through similar issues & they too will benefit with the guidance of a Life coach.
So, now here I am -THE PIONEER- THE 1st CERTIFIED TEEN LIFE COACH  in India entirely focused towards Empowering Teen girls & boys to "SIMPLIFY TEENAGE."