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Teenager's Experience...

Day to Day Frustrations & Problems 

"No matter how much I study, my parents are never satisfied."
"The moment I take my phone, my parents are behind my life.
“My parents just don't like my friends."
 "I want to date, how can I convince my parents for it?"
"I don't like myself."
"I am not good enough."
"Why do things always go wrong with me?"
"My friends? Are they judging me or do they genuinely care for me?"
"I am being abused but too scared to share it with anybody." 

 Solutions every teenager is looking for

“Increase academic performance”
“Time management to balance studies & play.”
“See my parents happily appreciating my efforts more.”
“My parents become more accepting of my friends & give more freedom.”
“An effective method to easily communicate with my parents every day.
“Learn how to develop self compassion with a major increase in my self-belief.”
“Know my friends better & become friends with non judgemental, amazing people.”
“A "SAFE" confidential space, to share all my feelings”
“Life coach who understands me, listens to me without judging me.”

Parents are Experiencing this with Teens...

Day to Day Frustrations & Problems 

"Our teen is not interested in studies, lacks focus & direction in life."
"Stays awake whole night, spends too much time on phone & gadgets, wakes up late."
"Our teen is rebellious, disrespectful & doesn’t listen."
"Doesn't want to take any responsibility, lacks discipline & is lazy."
"I don't know why my child has suddenly become quiet.”
“Our teen doesn’t want to talk to anyone, what do I do?"

Solutions every parent loves to have

"Our child is more interested in studies & more focused towards their future."
“Teens themselves reduce gadget time by & they wake up early.”
“They are excited to do things they really love to do".
"Our teen talks to us with respect and is more co-operative.”
“ At least, 5/10 times, they listen to us & apologise when they don't listen."
“See more discipline and responsibility in our teen.”
"My child, at least 5/10 times, opens up & speaks to me."


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